Pressing container ASK10S , ASK20S


The pressing container, adapted to be carried on trucks of the total loading capacity up to 6 tons. The truck is also equipped by „the hydraulic arm“ which allows the emptying of „bell type“ glass-fibre containers of volumes 1.2, 2.5 and 3.2m3.

The pressing container ASK20S is equipped with the pressing set from the pressing container ASK20 and by the container decreased up to the volume of 10m3 (12 m3), with its own hydraulic set with el. energy connection and with the connection to the hydraulic and electric circuit of the carrying vehicle. The superstructure can be also operated apart from the carrying truck, i.e. „on the ground“.

The pressing container ASK20S can be also produced without it’s own hydraulic unit and then it is using drive from the hydraulics of the transport vehicle.