Transfer station with conveyor

preklad-s-dopr1thumb Transfer station with conveyor assumes, that collecting vehicles (max 2pcs at one time) empties the waste into the hopper above the horizontal conveyor which is placed under the station roof. The station roof protects completely the horizontal conveyor against bad weather influences. Municipal waste is transported by horizontal and inclined conveyor into the press hopper – SP45LH-P. Under the station roof is placed a?? press remote control. Waste is pressed into the five additional containers ARK30 subsequently.

Transfer station SP45 – 1x5 is equipped with five rail chassis from which 3 are with own gear. Empty containers are placed on these chassis. At transfer station start is automatically connected first additional container to the compactor (pressing unit). Full container is automatically disconnected and shifted away. Next empty container is shifted and connected to the compactor. And so on. Full containers can be carried away and placed back with no dependence on the compactor function. When the chassis set reaches one end the function of chassis shifting is reversed and chassis are shifted from the beginning to the other side.