Stationary press SP380

sp380-1This stationary press SP 380 is designed for pressing paper, plastic materials, and municipally waste. The hopper content with an extension can be up to 7m3.

During one cycle, the press slide can press up to 1,5 m3 of material into the container. The stationary press SP380 can apply pressing force 38 tonnes. Whilst applying such pressure, 5 to 6 tonnes of hard cardboard can be pressed in the additional container of 30m3

The press enables the pressing of 1.4 x 1.9m large waste.

Stationary press SP 380L is assembler on a flat concrete base.

The press functions are controlled by means of buttons on the control panel. Upon customer request, the sound and optical indication of the press operation, the container filling, and sending GSM can be installed.


Manual version LR

The operator connect the press to the container manually- using the ratchet. Before disconnecting the operator manually closes the full container with two steel tubes. After disconnection the operator secure door way with net or with canvas which prevents the pressed material to come out of the container during the transport.


Automat version LH

The press is connected to the container automatically by hydraulic coupling hooks and the guillotine opens upon the connection completion. Upon filling the container, it is automatically closed by means of the “guillotine” and disconnected from the press.


Containers ARK

With the stationary press SP380 we supply additional containers ARK with these volumes 20 m3, 25 m3 and 30 m3.
Containers have cone-shaped side walls. Default containers can be equipped with mechanical device “chain wall” which helps releasing the pressed material during emptying procedure.

Guiding lines (short or long ) are mounted in front of the press to help guide the container to the press.


sp380-2 sp380-3 sp380-4
sp380-5 sp380-6 sp380-7
sp380-9 sp380-10 sp380-11thumb
sp380-16 sp380-17thumb

Optional accessories:

  • Lid
  • Aluminium lid cover
  • Lid locking
  • High hopper or tubes, funnel
  • High side
  • Optical sensor for the start-up
  • Rubber door and flap sealing on the container
  • Flexible placement of the hydraulic equipment
  • Stronger pump and engine
  • Oil cooling or heating
  • Two component paint
  • Safety handrail
  • front loader (tipper) víko násypky