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IVP CZ a.s. Company headquarters

Plzeňská 1574
252 63, Roztoky

Frequently asked questions

How can we help you?

Choosing technology for waste pressing and transportation, and its integration into waste management.

What products do you make?

Mobile presses, static waste compacters, balers, containers for static compactors and a wide range of accessories.

Transfer stations for large waste collection sites and sorting lines for waste separation.

Do you adapt your products to your customers' wishes?

Each product can be customised and various accessories can be added according to the customer’s exact requirements. We also recommend suitable modifications and accessories to achieve maximum efficiency at a favourable price.

How does cooperation with us work?

We value every customer and we try to meet all their requirements as best we can. We also strive for long-term cooperation, making sure our customers like coming back to us.

What are our advantages?

Unrivaled quality, fast delivery, maintenance and repair centres and many years of experience. We make all of our products in our production plant. With us you won’t have to wait for a warranty repair assessment and a technician for months. We always try our best to meet the demands and wishes of our customers.

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