Remote management system

IVP CZ a.s. has developed a system for remote management and control of technology in real time. A special communication unit collects data from the technology, transfering this data to a secure server where they are further processed and displayed to users through a web application.

This system is suitable for operators of a large amount of technology (mobile press containers and static presses), most often for waste operators.

Main advantages of the RMS

  • Lower waste transport costs (the container is always filled according to its technological possibilities)
  • Easier transport planning thanks to machine learning technology
  • Reduced service costs thanks to maintenance and revision records in the machine card
  • Reduced pointless repair and maintenance organization trips and non-functioning technology due to operator errors
  • Exact overview of the machine’s position and overall technical condition
  • Compatibility with any waste collection device


Example of displayed data

  • Machine filling
  • Position
  • Breakdowns
  • Current condition
  • Estimate of next full capacity (based on machine learning technology)